After buying a home, vehicles are the second most costly purchase consumers make today. Vehicles are no longer merely transportation, but a necessity and a part of our identities. Damage to a vehicle has a significant impact on its value, and consumers are bearing the economic burden associated with such events—even when they are not at fault.

Markets change far more quickly than laws, but to be effective, the legal system needs to keep pace with significant issues. Many legislators, judges, and attorneys are currently unaware that there are no federal, and very few state, laws addressing vehicle repairs. As a result, no one is protecting our loved ones from unsafe repairs. Additionally, the legal system has been slow to recognize the burgeoning financial costs associated with vehicle damage, including the loss of part or all of a manufacturer’s warranty and the decrease in value resulting from proper disclosure of adverse events.

We recognize that lawmakers, courts and attorneys cannot maintain comprehensive knowledge of every issue. When it comes to vehicles and their values, providing comprehensive knowledge is our job. We provide expert consulting services, educational programs, and seminars to assist members of the legal system stay current on issues concerning vehicle and their values.