Contract for Vehicle Repair and Authorization to Repair Authorization:

A legally binding contract between the customer and repairer that defines the rights and duties of the parties.  Also includes an authorization to disassemble the vehicle and to perform the proposed repairs.

Assignment of Proceeds

Enables repairer to take the customer’s right to receive payment for the full cost of repair from the customer’s insurance company in exchange for releasing the possessory lien on the vehicle ensuring payment in full.

Customer Notice of Deficiency

Notifies the customer of the procedures or parts the insurer neglected to include in its proposed payment for repairs that are necessary for a safe, proper repair.

Customer Notice of Insurer Delay

Notifies the customer of the insurer’s failure to promptly address issues regarding the customer’s claim that are delaying the vehicle’s repair.

Insurer Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement

In those limited circumstances where the insurer refuses to pay for the correct part to properly and safely repair the vehicle and the customer cannot pay for it out of pocket, the customer and insurer can agree to indemnify the repairer for any negative event occurring from the use of a part.

Notice of Additional Cost

Notifies the customer and insurer that there are additional costs and necessary repairs to be performed that the insurer has not accounted for in its payment proposal.

Parts Notice and Authorization

Informs the customer about the parts the repairer recommends for use in the repair, explains the difference in various parts types, and provides authorization from the customer for the use of parts.

Termination of Repair

In the event the customer wishes to terminate the repair, provides the repairer with information regarding the termination and ensures the customer is aware of the breach of the repair contract.

Vehicle Damage Insurance Election

Enables the customer to demand disclosure by the customer’s insurer of the remedy under the insurance policy that the insurer is electing for the customer’s claim.

Vehicle Owner Steering Affidavit

In the event an insurer puts pressure on a customer to avoid using a particular repairer or successfully discourages a customer from using a particular repairer, the vehicle owner (customer) can provide documentation of the statements and activities of the insurer for use in insurance department complaints or lawsuits.

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