Just like consumers, attorneys and financial institutions, insurers are entitled to the assistance of a professional organization capable of pinpointing vehicle values, diminished value, and replacement costs. To speed claims handling and to avoid unnecessary expense, we provide insurers with current market data, exact values, and innovative solutions that enable you to satisfy customers, while streamlining business practices.

One of the solutions we offer is the Like Exchange® program. With Like Exchange®, insurers can replace damaged vehicles with exact, or better ones, of the same manufacture. Surprisingly, it is often more cost effective to replace a vehicle than to repair it. Vehicles which have been severely damaged – even when they are not total losses – can usually be replaced faster and for fewer dollars than it takes for a repair and rental car. The customer receives a vehicle with an uncompromised factory warranty, if applicable, and you eliminate customer safety concerns by providing a vehicle with no adverse history.

We also offer consulting services for insurers and are able to analyze contemplated programs for their pitfalls and benefits. For example, has your organization considered whether harvesting event data recording information is an act of bad faith toward your insured? Will a new program make claims representatives liable for the unauthorized practice of law? Conversely, is your organization promoting open relationships with repairers to ensure that your customers are receiving the quality repairs they deserve? Will your new program show customers that you honor their concerns?

Our organization is here to assist you to perform the role that you do best: Provide insurance coverage.